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Let Artistic Glam certified hair extension expert help you in choosing the right type of extension for you. We are certified in Great length keratin bond and Hair U Wear tape in extensions. Call to schedule a free consultation today!

Strand by strand keratin bond heat fusion this method utilizes precision placement and ultimate color blending options and are virtually undetectable. They generally last around 3 months before replacing.

Keratin Bond Extensions Pricing

The prices listed are general idea of pricing. We offer free consultation for exact pricing.

Ticking Volume     $250.00 and up

Length and Fullness     $550.00 and up

Extension Removal $65.00 a hour

Hair U Wear Tape in extensions are another great and more cost efficient way in doing hair extensions. They provide you with proper placement and color blending options and allow you to reuse the hair up to 3 times before purchasing new hair. They are generally reapplied and re-taped approximately every 6-8 weeks.

Hair U Wear Tape in Extension pricing

Ticking Volume $250.00 and up

Length and Fullness $550.00 and up

Extension Removal $65.00 and up

Clip in Hair Extensions are the perfect solution when you are deciding to grow your hair out, or for a way to add length, volume or thickness instantly. Application takes a matter of minutes and it’s so easy to do anyone can master the process. Temporary clip on hair extensions allow you to clip them in and take them out whenever you want. We customize all of our clip in extensions to fit your head shape for the best result.

Costume Clip in extensions $250.00 and up 

Clip In extension Rental is perfect for those who are just need to add a little something for that special day or event.

We offer rental on extension for $75.00